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  • Mauritz Agnas
    Double Bass
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About Max

Already at the age of twelve Max Agnas received ”The Fasching soloist prize", being the youngest ever to receive the prize. The success has continued and now (nine years later) he has five published albums and played several Europe-wide tours.

Max’s compositions are of an exploring kind; he finds surprising and elegant ways to express himself within traditional frameworks. You’ll find captivating and atmospheric ballads next to rhythmical tunes with jingle-like melodies, often with a twist that puts everything into a new light.

Although it’s paradoxical to say about a twenty-year-old, Max playing sounds remarkably refined and mature. Having the quality of very often saying more with less and always letting the music, as opposed to technique or ego, dictate what musical decisions are made.

"His [Max's] music is full of new unexpected turns and his playing is simply top-notch. What a beautiful touch he has!

Together with Mauritz Agnas and Sebastian Voegler, Max is making music for each and everyone interested in acoustic music of our century. Simply beautiful."

Nils Landgren

"It was an amazing enrichment to play with the Agnas Brothers.
They have all strong, personal voices.

The whole Agnas family is very special."

- Pat Metheny

about the Agnas Family

”There is much maturity present within the four of these brothers and even more surprisingly, a real sense of each of their musical identity.

This is especially rare and a real joy to hear.
It makes me very hopeful for the future of music!"

- Larry Grenadier

about the Agnas Family

”This is one incredible, musical family and a beautiful recording. Wonderful melodies, thoughtful arrangments, sensitive group playing and listening…"

- Kevin Hays

about Agnas Bros. album "The Fabler"

On tour April
and May 2020!

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